Varieties adaptability

More than 50% of our production is sold abroad

  • Mediterranean countries : Greece, Spain, Italy, Albania, Portugal
  • Africa : Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Tunisia…
  • Middle East : Kuwait, Jordan, Irak, Lebannon, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab  Emirates

We test our varieties through trial all over the world

Solawest and its breeding station organise every year trials and field days to evaluate the potention of new hybrids versus standard varieties.

That includes :

  • productivity : yield, grading
  • tolerance to different climates (arid, tropical and temperate)
  •  adaptation to different types of soil (sand, clay, silt)
  • Keeping qualities (cold or traditionnal storage)

Submit your expectations, we will advise you on the variety to plant or browse our interactive map to see which variety is best suited to your needs