Variety breeding

Solawest multiplies a wide range of protected variety of potatoes, exclusively or underconcession.

An ambitious research program, engaged few years ago, in collaboration with Bretagne Plants‘s breeding station, enable  us to adapt our offer to yours needs.

Breeding always begins by cross-fertilization of two flowers.

Varieties are chosed by the selector according to varities caracteristics which will be in the future varity (capacity to resist desease, parasite).  

This cross-fertilization will give a fruit, like a berry, including approximately 100 seeds.   Every one is a new variety (different by the colour, the shape…) .

10 years of test and selection are necessary  to have an only variety of potao.

On average, with 60 000 cross-fertilization, one variety will be born.

At the moment, 200 hybrids are in the last stage for variety selection, in Triskalia’s own experimental farm.

Solawest works with Bretagne Plants station.

Bretagne Plants is an organization of producers at Hanvec, with efficient tools :

  • Breeding station at Ploudaniel
  • Farming laboratory
  • Quality control laboratory ( microbiology, serology and molecular biology)
  • Greenhouse
  • Experimental parcel
  • cold chambers

Bretagne Plants

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