Quality and Certification

Quality :

A zone of production particularly suitable for plants production.


Health quality : the peninsular position of the Brittany protects plants from contamination by diseases of quarantine.

The oceanic climate allows the production of healthy and rigorous plants.


Maturity : bordered by the English Channel and the North Atlantic, our region has a temperate climate. Mild winters, regular rainfall and mild spring are assets for  seed potatoes production.


Soil : the availability of land with high agricultural potential allows long rotations. It takes seven years on average between two crops of seed potatoes. These long rotations contribute to the production of rigorous plants.


Certification :

 Our main goal : our customer’s satisfaction !


The French Service for Official Control, (called “Service Officiel de Contrôle, SOC”), certifies the seed production independently, applying the French standards, which are the stricter among European regulation (especially for viruses, black leg and rot). This warrants the very high quality of the seed potatoes we produce for our customers.


 Blue certificate issued by the SOC justify compliance process control and traceability . It is issued only if all results are consistent with the standards of French technical regulation.

The certificat is a lot (1 lot = 1 parcel, 1 origine, 1 ranking)

certif-bleucrédit photo : FN3PT/GNIS

Genealogy :

Below, the genealogical scheme of a new variety certified :


crédit photo : FN3PT/GNIS

Five years are required to produce plant-base Super Elite. Theses seeds will be multiplied 3 years maximum to preserve a high level of quality.

After 10 years, the entire gene is renewed. This French specificity contributes to the success of French Origin seed.


More information : http://plantdepommedeterre.org